Friday, February 17, 2012

Peace, Justice, Jazz and Beer

We are headed out on a cross country bike trip. We being; Ron VanNorstrand, a civil rights attorney, Jody Tarallo, a psychiatric nurse practitioner and Bill Dennison, a retired union officer.  We are pedaling for Peace, Justice, Jazz and Beer. We hope to talk with folks along the route about the need to end conflict in the world and focus on the economic needs of the 99 %. Music, Jazz in particular, which helps bring our fractured world together,  is a natural companion. Beer - well that's another story which we will get to later - you know - during happy hour.
We hope to raise funds for the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers, a small group of young people in the Bamiyan Province of Afghanistan, who about a year ago began sharing their call for understanding in order that they might someday experience peace in their country. The Youth Peace Volunteers of Afghanistan have framed their message well, so we direct you to their web site:  In terms of Jazz, we urge you to check out the Jazz Foundation of America, a fine organization that supports Jazz artists in need. You can go to their web site  and contribute.  We'll also share some tunes with you as part of this blog. Check them out and support live music when you can.
In the support vehicle accompanying us for the first part of the trip are two retired children's advocacy workers, Val Thonger and Ken Sperber.  (We are their latest wards.)  Support for the last part of the trip will be handled by Ann Jamison, a school social worker whose special training may be required as we approach the end of this 3000 mile journey.

We will start pedaling from the Pacific Northwest beginning June 21, 2012. We'll keep you posted!


  1. Stella Artois glass. Good form.

  2. Send an image from the West Seattle Super Deli Beer Store. We need proof!

  3. It was a pleasure meeting you and the crew at Teddy Roosevelt National Park. Safe travels my new friends.